Film and Video Editors
SOC: 27-4032.00


Edit moving images on film, video, or other media. May edit or synchronize soundtracks with images.

National Salary Information:

Hourly Statistics:

Annual Statistics:

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2015 wage data.

Employment Projections:

Employment (2014):
33,500 employed

Projected (2024):
39,400 employed

Projected growth (2014-2024)

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2015 2014-2024 employment projections external site. "Projected growth" represents the estimated change in total employment over the projections period (2014-2024). "Projected job openings" represent openings due to growth and replacement.

Alternate Titles:

  • Assistant Film Editor
  • Associate Producer
  • Commercial Producer
  • Cue Selector
  • Digital Editor
  • Digital Media Coordinator
  • Director
  • Editor
  • Electronic News Gathering Editor (ENG Editor)
  • Film Editor
  • Film Editor Supervisor
  • Film or Videotape Editor
  • Graphic Artist
  • Graphic Engineer
  • Movie Editor
  • Multimedia Artist
  • News Editor
  • News Video Editor
  • News Videotape Editor
  • Non-Linear Editor
  • Offline Editor
  • Online Editor
  • Optical Effects Layout Person
  • Producer
  • Production Manager
  • Sound Cutter
  • Special Effects Designer
  • Supervising Film or Videotape Editor
  • Supervising Producer
  • Tape Editor
  • Television News Video Editor
  • Television Producer
  • Video Editor
  • Video Effects Editor
  • Video News Editor
  • Video Tape Duplicator
  • Video Tape Editor
  • Video Tape Transferrer
  • Videographer
  • Visual Effects Editor (VFX Editor)

  • Job Zone Three: Medium Preparation Needed


    Previous work-related skill, knowledge, or experience is required for these occupations. For example, an electrician must have completed three or four years of apprenticeship or several years of vocational training, and often must have passed a licensing exam, in order to perform the job.


    Most occupations in this zone require training in vocational schools, related on-the-job experience, or an associate's degree.

    Job Training:

    Employees in these occupations usually need one or two years of training involving both on-the-job experience and informal training with experienced workers. A recognized apprenticeship program may be associated with these occupations.

    Required Skills:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Active Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Mathematics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Active Learning
  • Learning Strategies
  • Monitoring
  • Social Perceptiveness
  • Coordination
  • Persuasion
  • Negotiation
  • Instructing
  • Service Orientation
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Operations Analysis
  • Technology Design
  • Programming
  • Operation Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Quality Control Analysis
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Evaluation
  • Time Management
  • Management of Financial Resources
  • Management of Material Resources
  • Management of Personnel Resources

  • Knowledge Used:

  • Administration and Management
  • Clerical
  • Economics and Accounting
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • Personnel and Human Resources
  • Production and Processing
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Design
  • Building and Construction
  • Mechanical
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology and Anthropology
  • Geography
  • Education and Training
  • English Language
  • Fine Arts
  • History and Archeology
  • Philosophy and Theology
  • Public Safety and Security
  • Law and Government
  • Telecommunications
  • Communications and Media

  • Tasks:

  • Cut shot sequences to different angles at specific points in scenes, making each individual cut as fluid and seamless as possible.
  • Study scripts to become familiar with production concepts and requirements.
  • Edit films and videotapes to insert music, dialogue, and sound effects, to arrange films into sequences, and to correct errors, using editing equipment.
  • Select and combine the most effective shots of each scene to form a logical and smoothly running story.
  • Mark frames where a particular shot or piece of sound is to begin or end.
  • Determine the specific audio and visual effects and music necessary to complete films.
  • Verify key numbers and time codes on materials.
  • Organize and string together raw footage into a continuous whole according to scripts or the instructions of directors and producers.
  • Review assembled films or edited videotapes on screens or monitors to determine if corrections are necessary.
  • Program computerized graphic effects.
  • Review footage sequence by sequence to become familiar with it before assembling it into a final product.
  • Set up and operate computer editing systems, electronic titling systems, video switching equipment, and digital video effects units to produce a final product.
  • Record needed sounds or obtain them from sound effects libraries.
  • Confer with producers and directors concerning layout or editing approaches needed to increase dramatic or entertainment value of productions.
  • Manipulate plot, score, sound, and graphics to make the parts into a continuous whole, working closely with people in audio, visual, music, optical, or special effects departments.
  • Supervise and coordinate activities of workers engaged in film editing, assembling, and recording activities.
  • Trim film segments to specified lengths and reassemble segments in sequences that present stories with maximum effect.
  • Develop post-production models for films.
  • Piece sounds together to develop film soundtracks.
  • Conduct film screenings for directors and members of production staffs.
  • Collaborate with music editors to select appropriate passages of music and develop production scores.
  • Discuss the sound requirements of pictures with sound effects editors.
  • Estimate how long audiences watching comedies will laugh at each gag line or situation to space scenes appropriately.

  • Tools & Technology:

  • Audio patch bays
  • Desktop computers
  • Digital video disk DVD recorders
  • Digital video editing systems
  • Laptop computers
  • Network routers
  • Personal computers
  • Video patch bays
  • Adobe Systems Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Creative Suite software
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Director
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Photoshop software
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Premiere Pro software
  • AJAX
  • Apple DVD Studio Pro
  • Apple Final Cut Pro
  • Apple QuickTime
  • Apple Xsan
  • Autodesk Maya for Design Visualization
  • Autodesk Smoke
  • Avid Digidesign Pro Tools
  • Avid software
  • Boris FX Continuum Complete
  • Brightcove
  • Cascading Style Sheets CSS
  • Extensible markup language XML
  • Google Video
  • Hypertext markup language HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • RSS
  • Sorenson Media Sorenson Squeeze
  • Web browser software
  • Windows Media Services

  • arts design entertainment sports and media

    industry stats

    SOC: 27-0000

    Total Employed: 1,843,600

    Average Annual Salary: $56,980