Appraisers and Assessors of Real Estate
SOC: 13-2021.00


Appraise real property and estimate its fair value. May assess taxes in accordance with prescribed schedules.

National Salary Information:

Hourly Statistics:

Annual Statistics:

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2015 wage data.

Employment Projections:

Employment (2014):
85,800 employed

Projected (2024):
92,500 employed

Projected growth (2014-2024)

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2015 2014-2024 employment projections external site. "Projected growth" represents the estimated change in total employment over the projections period (2014-2024). "Projected job openings" represent openings due to growth and replacement.

Alternate Titles:

  • Assessor
  • City Assessor
  • County Assessor
  • Land Appraiser
  • Personal Property Assessor
  • Property Appraiser
  • Real Estate Appraiser
  • Real Estate Assessor
  • Real Property Evaluator
  • Residential Fee Appraiser
  • Tax Assessor

  • business and financial operations

    industry stats

    SOC: 13-0000

    Total Employed: 7,032,560

    Average Annual Salary: $73,800